This is the first weaving preparatory process in which yarn from multiple packages are transferred to a beam. In order to produce a quality beam we state of the art Jupiter and KarlMayer warping machines. This helps to ensure that there are no cross or loose ends and help to maintain uniform tension across the beams.


The sizing process is mainly done in order to increase the strength and abrasion resistance of the yarn for weaving process. This is done by making the warp yarn absorb chemicals such as starch in order to increase strength and therefore enhance weaving efficiency.

We use state of the art machineries such as the Jupiter PLC sizing machine and the KarlMayer
Ben size TEC sizing machine . They have a 24beam creel capacity and are equipped with double size or sow boxes and help to obtain high quality sized yarn which is turn ensures high efficiency in weaving.


Weaving has always been and will always be the heart and soul of our industry.
Having set up our own weaving unit about two decades ago, we are only going from strength to strength.

The weaving facility has 141 Sulzer projectile PU 153 inch looms and are also equipped with the 102 latest brand new Picanol Summum Airjet Looms (both 190cm, 280cm & 340cm).

We have earned the goodwill and patronage of a loyal clientele through the quality and consistency of our fabrics. We have a strong presence all our India especially in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Direct Export to S. Korea, Israel, Belgium & Bangladesh, Italy.

Our fabrics are subjected to thorough inspection during and after weaving.


In order to ensure the safety of our fabrics during transit we follow meticulous packing procedures. In order to suit the requirements of our customers we do packing in mainly two methods ,i.e, bale packing and roll packing.

The packing is done using highly automated machines in order to ensure quality packing.